Hands-on Creative Direction
For the past four years, I have worked at Salesforce. I work with our internal teams and external agencies to develop creative ideas into websites, online and print resources, marketing promotions, and event experiences.

Marketing & Community
I led the branding exercise to evolve our developer community to the current Salesforce Developers community, which serves 3 million developers. I created branding for the Salesforce User & Developer groups by working with the community teams to design a cohesive look that would appeal to such a diverse community. I keep our Developer Evangelism team looking good by supporting their efforts with creative and consistent collateral.

Under my leadership, the team created Astro, our beloved community mascot. I’ve led every iteration: Astro has not only been an astronaut but also a woodland critter, racecar driver, scientist, and a yeti. Astro is designed to appeal to a global community, and helps our audience aspire to become anything they want to be.

With a passionate team I helped to bring Trailhead into the world, which is the fun way to learn Salesforce. I led the creation of the Trailhead brand and identity that you see online, at Salesforce events, and on a whole bunch of schwag. As Trailhead continues to evolve, so does the brand, and I steward that process.

For Events
I’m always thinking about how to make our events better, even when I’m not actively working on them. For over 4 years I’ve worked with our Global Developer Events team to create engaging on-site event experiences and collateral for Dreamforce, TrailheaDX, Salesforce World Tours, hackathons, worldwide developer meetups, and other global events. I ensure that all our events have a cohesive look and feel and incorporate a whole lot of fun.